ColdFusion Web Design – A Crucial Factor To Get A Good Online Business

To start a business online we need to design our website in a way so that it looks good, works well and conveys messages of the products well. Web Designing is a process of conceptualizing, planning and building a collection of electronic files that determine the colors, layout, text styles, structure, graphics, images and use […]

What Is Web Design

Web Design involves conceptualizing, planning, creating models, and executes a electronic media to the Internet in a coded language that can be read by Web browsers to display a gui.

A Web Site is a group of electronic files residing on a hosted server which presents content for a person to interact with and obtain information from images such as gifs,jpegs,and pngs, which can be placed on a site using Html,Xml,and Xtml tags.Other programs that website designers can work with include Flash, Java Script, and Quicktime. These are Plug-ins that can be integrated into a web page using a type of coding structure like Html.

W3C standards has created an acceptance and usage of Xhtml/Xml with shared use of Cascading Style Sheets (Css) to manipulate and position web page elements and objects.

Normally web pages are classified as dynamic or static. Static Pages dont change their content unless a web master or programmer makes the manual change and update to the page.

Dynamic pages display content and show appearance using a database or other modifications. Content can be changed on the users side by utilizing stored data on the server. If a customer is looking for shoes,for example, the

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Since the birth of computers and operating systems, it seems like everyone and their mom and dad have a website these days? For example, take local and national television commercials, have you noticed how often they display various products and/or services and how each one has a website which includes their web address prominently displayed? In most cases, all you would actually see is their web address in bold letters and then their 1-800 number for ordering purposes. Let me give you another example, like the TV commercial often televised, the famous “” and hundreds more like it. Well you too can have your very own website and all you would need to do is buy website templates that are professionally designed and pre-made. Basically one that is ready for prime time use!

Speaking of web design, I’m assuming you want the easy route of owning a website with minimal effort right? Well, in today’s time, that is highly possible for you to do so, but of course you can always design your own website from scratch but why bother? Especially, when you have hordes of professional template service providers like Template Monster, Dream Templates and others alike that can

Why Bother with Website Design Awards

At some point, you’ve probably stumbled across a website boasting a new award for its web design. Who cares, right? Actually, a lot of people care, because web design awards are not easy to win, and these prestigious awards are given for the hard work that goes into making a design memorable, unique, user-friendly and spectacular. Winning an award also moves your website away from the amatuers and puts in in the same category with the professionals.

When you think about it, a whole lot of things go into making your website a success. This includes your web design, great content, an easy-to-use interface and a lot of marketing to get it in front of the people. While an award won’t hand you success, it can help you unlock it by increasing traffic to your website, creating a buzz and gaining valuable recognition. With this, you have a new angle for marketing your website on social media, your website, a storefront and elsewhere online.

It’s not easy to win web awards, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort and it’s never too late to get started. A judge decides who receives the awards, but they certainly

How To Add A Product Grid In Magento Web Design

How to Add a Product Grid in Magento Web Design
Adding a product grid to a list of static pages in Magento has never been easier. It’s as easy as adding a number of lines of code. The downside, however, is identifying which lines to add and where to place them.

Magento is a widely used open-source ecommerce platform. It features various built -in offerings and adaptability suited to any ecommerce design or requirement. Nevertheless, Magento can be quite complex and could engulf an emerging web designer or do-it-yourself entrepreneur.

One easy tip in adding product grid in Magento is modifying the platform’s default theme without changing the PHP.

Magento provides perfect user experience and user-friendly back-end. One drawback though is it uses a lot of files. Fortunately, a tool for locating file has been built, which can be found in the Magento administration panel. After logging in, click on System, then Configuration.

While in the configuration page, look for the “Current Configuration Scope” and choose a website from the drop-down menu. Afterwhich, click on “Developer”, found at the bottom of left-hand navigation.

Look for the “Debug” section of the developer page, then select the option for “Template