Why Bother with Website Design Awards

At some point, you’ve probably stumbled across a website boasting a new award for its web design. Who cares, right? Actually, a lot of people care, because web design awards are not easy to win, and these prestigious awards are given for the hard work that goes into making a design memorable, unique, user-friendly and […]

How To Add A Product Grid In Magento Web Design

How to Add a Product Grid in Magento Web Design
Adding a product grid to a list of static pages in Magento has never been easier. It’s as easy as adding a number of lines of code. The downside, however, is identifying which lines to add and where to place them.

Magento is a widely used open-source ecommerce platform. It features various built -in offerings and adaptability suited to any ecommerce design or requirement. Nevertheless, Magento can be quite complex and could engulf an emerging web designer or do-it-yourself entrepreneur.

One easy tip in adding product grid in Magento is modifying the platform’s default theme without changing the PHP.

Magento provides perfect user experience and user-friendly back-end. One drawback though is it uses a lot of files. Fortunately, a tool for locating file has been built, which can be found in the Magento administration panel. After logging in, click on System, then Configuration.

While in the configuration page, look for the “Current Configuration Scope” and choose a website from the drop-down menu. Afterwhich, click on “Developer”, found at the bottom of left-hand navigation.

Look for the “Debug” section of the developer page, then select the option for “Template

Advantages of Linux Web Hosting

The number of web hosting service providers often throw people into a great quandary, and more than often lulled by promissory offers and tempting deals are made to regret, unfortunately when the harm has already done. Thus, to get away from harm’s way lets go through some minor reasons why you should select Linux web hosting. Here are a few among the many reasons to help you figure as to why you should prefer Linux for web hosting over any other offers:

This is perhaps the foremost consideration of any person in lookout of a suitable web host, whether or not can he or she afford to have the web hosting package. The cost incurred in the process, well, all concerns regarding the expenditure will shy off, since this is the most affordable and amazingly cheap proposition in front of you. The second obvious advantage of dealing with Linux web hosting is that we provide an easy step by step procedure for application that is admiringly user friendly. Even the ones who have ventured into the business for the first time will have no reasons to complaint for applying.

Thirdly, the web host provide not only friendly start

Php Continues As Favored Web Development Tool

PHP has a number of things that will guarantee that it will not only remain feasible but favored as a web development tool for a long time. PHP has influenced more than 20 million domains on the web at present. That symbolizes a massive pool of development talent that is trained and skilled in PHP.

The absolute number of developers functioning in PHP is one motive that PHP will continue practicable as a web technology in to the outlook. Retraining developers is a time consuming and pricey assignment. As long as developers carry on choosing PHP, it will hang about feasible as a web development tool. Keep in mind that numerous business decision makers do not have the technical background to decide on the development platform. They reschedule to the developers, who are most likely to opt what they by now know.

Further than the expenditure of preserving developers is the outflow of switching accessible applications from PHP to some other development platform. It is implausible that countless of these web sites will be executed in a new language. The absolute volume of web sites that are developed in PHP and will requisite continuing upholding in to the prospect

A Few Handy Designing Tips For A Web Designing Company

The advent of the Internet has made online visibility very significant for all businesses. As a result a website is of prime importance to showcase the business offerings. This has created the demand for the services of a web design company. Here are some useful tips that a web design company can follow while catering its services.

Use a fast loading website design. This is the first tip that every web design company should follow. The design of the website may be unique and impressive, but if it takes a long time to load, people will navigate out before the site opens. The design should be optimized for the web and should not take more than 15 seconds to load.

Have a clear navigation. The visitor should be able to move from page to page easily. Place all the important links in noticeable places. Preferably right on top – that’s where the vision of the visitor goes first. Position the menus on the right and the left. Link all the pages of the site. This will enable accessibility from all parts of the site.

Keep the resolutions in mind. As a web design company, you dont design websites for computers