Why Web Development

As the internet is maturing the existence and web applications are emerging, web development is becoming essential for proper growth of business on internet. Either you are dealing with products or any type of services web development make your work easy to be done on the internet and gives some lots and lots of advantages […]

Impact Of Cloud Hosting On Small As Well As Large Enterprises

Web hosting plays an important role in the success or failure of a website. Thus it is very important to choose a high quality hosting service. Cloud hosting is the newest form of hosting service and comes with several benefits. Cloud servers work better than shared servers and at times it performs better than a dedicated server as well. Cloud hosting is based on cloud computing technologies, which allows several servers to act as one, rendering better and faster hosting services.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has proved to be highly beneficial as it ensures superior performance of websites using several systems together. This hosting service offers redundant storage of data as well as ensures server resources. Besides, it is low priced and offers a large number of features to users. Owing to its advantages, cloud hosting is gaining popularity over other types of hosting services.

Impact of Cloud hosting on enterprises

Cloud hosting is a new concept and catching the momentum. The use of cloud hosting services can be considered ideal as there is no constraint on the availability of space and any company can use these services. Furthermore, it reduces the maintenance of server cost, which

Prevent A Web Page From Being Indexed By Google And Remove A Page From Google Cache

Now a days every one is praying that “Oh God let google index and cache my web pages”. The article I am going to write is just the reverse of what common man or woman thinks. Many time we need to hide our data from Search Engines. Some times we will be shocked that the information which we kept secretly in our site present in google cache. That will remain there even if I remove it from my web page. So anyone can easily view it which I removed from my site. To prevent google or any major web sites from making cache links of our site follow the tips provided below.

Cache links are created when a spider visit our web page and create a snapshot of it. According to google words “This “cached” version allows a web-page to be retrieved for your end users if the original page is ever unavailable (due to temporary failure of the web server)”. The cached page will look exactly same as how the page looks at the time of spider visit. To see the cached links of your website follow the command below.

cache:your URL

On google search box you can type

Web Development And Online Marketing Company In India

PropelSys is the fastest growing Software Development firm trying to roll out the best breed of high end products that will cater to changing needs of our esteemed clientele. Driven by a motive to lead at the global market place with verve of quality, we implement innovative ideas to merge expertise with experience and bring out the high end products that reflect your specifications.

PropelSys offers state-of-the-art products and services that cater to specific client requirements. It offers the following services such as:

Custom application development
Custom application development is a client driven process that involves designing software to suit a specific function or requirement. Proper planning coupled with quality designing is the key to successful custom application development. Propelsys ensures that efficient custom application development processes are employed so as to increase the efficiency and productivity of the client business. In the process of Custom application development, we start with detailed analysis of the client needs followed by defining design specifications, preparing the design concept and programming.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an effective technique that is being employed to get targeted traffic to a particular website. This amazing technique offers ongoing

Low Cost Web Hosting Is Ideal For Small Businesses

Just about everyone understands how broad and powerful the reach of the internet is in this day and age. Almost everyday there are new internet users who are deciding that they want to begin to make some money by starting an internet-based business. One key requirement for a web business is having a hosting account and the majority of people just starting out are looking for low cost web hosting options.

In order for a website to be displayed it must be “hosted” on a special type of computer called a server, which is connected and accessible to the world wide web on a constant basis. Having a web server hosting account allows the person to post their web pages on their host server, which makes them available to the internet community. There are many different types of hosting accounts available, from free webhosting to managed dedicated servers, but the most popular type that people who are starting a web business look for is low priced, web hosting.

Some newbie entrepreneurs might believe that they should use a free webhosting service until their new enterprise starts to make some money. So they opt for low cost web hosting.