Web Design Development & SEO Services UK for Websites

SEO services UK offer professional Web site design and development services for customers within and outside the country. Some of them offer high-quality services, but their price may be too high; whereas others may offer cheaper services, but the quality may be a concern. To choose the best service at affordable price is always a […]

Virtual Private Server Hosting – The New Sedition in the Seo Market

A VPS or virtual private server hosting is an imitation of hardware by a group of operating system that allows the other operating system to run on it smoothly. Webmasters who are fed up with that of the several restrictions put in a shared seo hosting environment, having different types of insecurities and fear of getting the data lost. With shared server this problem happens frequently because if a single website turns out to be a spam, the other websites hosted on the same server will start facing consequences. This is why virtual private server became the only life savior for the web masters.

There are loads of benefits that one can enjoy because of the virtual private server hosting. This is the most cost-effective server and is much cheaper than that of a dedicated server, maintaining this server will require less money than that of maintaining other servers that are accessible in the market. A VPS hosting can hardly cost you between $50 to $100 and that also depends on the total amount of resources dedicated to your account. If you are going for the rent option then it may cost you $200 per month and not more

Web Hosting Services And Defamation Law

Generally, a provider of web hosting or a domain name, is not liable for defamatory content that is on the website or the domain name. However, web hosting providers can be liable for defamation in certain limited circumstances.

230 of the Communication Decency Act of 1996 provides that; ;

“No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

There are various cases where the court has found that 230 does not apply. For example, 230 does not expand or limit otherwise applicable trademark law. In the case of Hall v. Mindspring, where Gucci sued Mindspring, a web hosting provider to take down content the violated the Gucci trademark, and informed Mindspring that the website hosted by them violated the Gucci trademark on various instances and Mindspring did not take it down, the court found that Mindspring could be sued for assisting the website in violating the Gucci trademark.

This case is a prime example of how web hosting companies can be found to be liable for something that is hosted on their network. If the web hosting company is

Netandhost, A Web Hosting Solutions Provider Provides Protection Against Ddos Attacks

According to Wikipedia, “A denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. It normally consists of the concerted efforts of a person or people to prevent an Internet site or service from functioning efficiently or at all, temporarily or indefinitely. Perpetrators of DoS attacks typically target sites or services hosted on high-profile web servers such as banks, credit card payment gateways, and even root nameservers.”

DDoS attacks can be mechanized so the identity of the attackers remains untraced. Most common DDoS attacks are TCP SYN Flood Attack, teardrop attacks, Smurf IP Attack, UDP Flood Attack, ICMP Flood Attack and peer-to-peer.

Standard sufferers for DDoS attacks are online businesses, carriers and service providers. DoS attacks aim revenue generating organizations by overtaxing link competence. This outlays them both direct and indirect damages. Direct damages include revenue loss or increased network costs. Indirect damages are related to business reputation and increased operational expenses.

NetandHost is a leading Web Hosting Solutions Provider in Chennai, which provides a Complete Modern Protection against Distributed Denial-of-Service attack. NetandHost – Web Hosting Solutions Provider, via greater techniques, master the art of maintaining

Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Web Designer for your Business Web Site

Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Web Designer for your Business Web Site

How to Choose a Web Design Firm

Simple. You do your homework them. Then, you start asking questions and taking notes. There are plenty of web designers available. You want to go with the best because, in fact, your web designer is in essence your partner. You want to choose a designer that takes YOUR business seriously.

What questions do you ask?

There are several important questions to ask when choosing a web designer for your business web site.

Creating your web site can be a tricky process. Choosing the best web design firm for your business web site is a very important decision. And if your company is like most small businesses, you probably do not have web design experience. Building your web site will take time and work. And working with a web designer is no easy task. So choose the right web design company from the start and avoid do-over’s, which can be costly and time consuming.

1. What kind of web experience do you have?

For starters, find out what kind of design experience your potential design firm has. Do they have experience with content management systems such as Joomla