How Does Google Rank Blogs? Completely Different Than You Think!

SEO and Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

How Does Google Rank Blogs? A lot different that you think!

Google does not rank blogs anything like you think they do. What we think of as SEO does NOT work for blogs. For months I have been chasing Google with incoming links, social marketing and keyword SEO in my blog. Then I discovered how Google really ranks blogs and what it can mean to your blog traffic.

Let’s look deep into the Google patent and see how SEO really applies to blogs and Google.

In this article…

1. How Google Really Ranks Blogs and Blog SEO

2. By the number of blog readers you have in Google Reader and Technorati.

3. By how many blogrolls you are in and the quality of the linking blog.

4. By how many times your Google search engine listing is clicked.

5. By social bookmarking posts and the number of times you are Dugg etc.

6. The number of times your URL appears in conversations.

7. The quality of the links in a blog article and the quantity of links.

Google judges your blog by the number of blog readers you have in Google Reader and Technorati.

Google Ranks Webpages, Not Websites

Yes, Google is reading your RSS reader.

From the Google Patent:

“The popularity of the blog document may be a positive indication of the quality of that blog document. A number of news aggregator sites (commonly called “news readers” or “feed readers”) exist where individuals can subscribe to a blog document (through its feed). Such aggregators store information describing how many individuals have subscribed to given blog documents. A blog document having a high number of subscriptions implies a higher quality for the blog document. Also, subscriptions can be validated against “subscriptions spam” (where spammers subscribe to their own blog documents in an attempt to make them “more popular”) by validating unique users who subscribed, or by filtering unique Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of the subscribers.”

I other words, Google is judging you by the number of subscribers you have in Google Reader. Google reader owns about 60% of feed reader use. To calculate the other 40% they just do the math. Definitely the number of subscribers you have in

Technorati is an indication of you blogs reach and popularity.

To see how many subscribers you have in Google reader, look on the left side of the page for “+ Add Subscription.” Click the button and a search box will open up. Enter the name of your blog, not the URL, and a list of blogs will appear in order of readership in descending order.

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