Blog Tips – Five Ways to Make Money

There are many easy ways to make money from your blog. In this article, we’ll cover just five of them. Since blogs have become mainstream, new opportunities to monetize your blog are becoming available every day.

Don’t have a blog? Then you’re missing out on an easy income stream. Many people are turning their blog – or a stable of blogs – into a profitable home business.

So let’s look at five easy ways you can make money by blogging.

1. Sell advertising

Since blogs are content Web sites, they can be monetized in much the same way as print publications, with advertising.

When you sell advertising on your blog, your blogging becomes a matter of developing and leasing real estate. Just as in a magazine, the more pages your blog has, the more advertising you can display. So if you choose this form of blog monetization, your primary focus needs to be on creating pages (writing blog posts), on which you can display advertising.

There are many Web advertising services which will sell the space on your blog for you, but you can also sell the space yourself.

2. Sell a product

Another popular income stream is to sell a product from a blog. If you’re only selling a single product, your blog can be smaller than one on which you sell advertising.

Affiliate marketers, who sell products and services on commission, create small blogs of around five pages (posts) to sell a particular product.

Blogs are perfect venues for affiliate marketers because they’re fast to create, and get indexed quickly. This means that you can start getting free traffic from the search engines and make sales within days.

For this way of making money blogging, your focus is on creating many blogs, each selling one product.

3. Sell a service

If you’re selling a service – you’re a writer, designer, or Web developer, a blog is an ideal venue on which to sell those services. However, as the popular Tin Basher blog, (it sells sheet metal fabrication) shows, you can sell any business or service from a blog.

4. Blog for others

If you enjoy blogging, you can blog for others. Many businesses want to create and maintain a blog, but they don’t have the staff to do this in-house, so they hire professional bloggers.

There are many “blog job” sites online which display listings of blog jobs, and blog jobs are often advertised on the Web’s huge job hunting sites too.

Of course, you can also advertise your availability to blog for others on your own blog.

5. Create and sell blogs

Blog “flipping”, that is, creating blogs strictly for the purpose of selling them, has become popular over the past year. Many people want a blog, but don’t want to go through the hassle of creating one for themselves, so blog flippers create blogs to sell them.

If you’re interested in flipping, you can create several blogs in a week, and sell them all. This is a great way of making money blogging.

So there you have five ways of making money blogging. Blogs are a perfect home business, because there’s little or no capital outlay or startup costs. I wish you much success with your blogs.

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